About Us - The Cape Thermal Online Shop

Purchasing a thermal imager, no matter the application is a costly affair. More so when implementing larger fixed systems or providing crucial portable handheld thermal technology for an entire team. 

Chris Vangelder, the founder of Cape Thermal, realized that a thermal imager was much more than a simple 'off-the-shelf' purchase and that users could benefit from a far higher degree of communication and support than is traditionally provided by companies who feature thermal imaging as an afterthought. 

There is a growing requirement for low cost and lightweight thermal sensor technology across multiple market sectors in South Africa. This demand is only set to increase in the coming years. Furthermore, there is a clear need to leverage existing thermal imaging expertise available in South Africa to further educate end-users on the uses and nuances of the product.

Thermal imaging is an emerging technology set to alter the way we perceive our surroundings. Cape Thermal has been established as a "thermal only" company to further widespread adoption and knowledge of thermal imaging in South Africa. 

Why should you pick Cape Thermal?

Our key directives:

  • Provide personalized expert consultation for customers who wish to make use of a thermal imaging system, no matter the application.
  • Introduction and implementation of thermal imaging solutions for new, non-established market segments.
  • Create long-term relationships with end-users by supporting all thermal imaging products sold to and beyond the end of their lifecycle .
  • Support South African thermal distributors by identifying and pursuing growth for novel applications of thermal imaging technology.
  • Leverage manufacturer and supplier industry expertise to better provide for a diverse array of end-user requirements. 
  • Become an authority on thermal imaging in South Africa by providing industry-leading product education and support services to all end-users and prospective clients.

    What we do:

    • We sell and provide support for handheld thermal imaging systems through our online store (shop.capethermal.com).
    • Our team provide in-person thermal imaging demonstrations and training anywhere in South Africa. This is especially for large or specialised orders exceeding R150 000.00.
    • We partner with end-users or integrators to implement site-wide fixed thermal imaging solutions with analytics for condition, fire, loss prevention, or perimeter security monitoring.
    • We create and distribute serviced software solutions for thermal cameras which monitor and automate per your specific requirements.

    The Cape Thermal online shop

    The Cape Thermal shop is primarily a handheld thermal imaging provider with a product selection that caters to outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, rescue officials, or maintenance professionals. 

    Our dedicated team will guide you to assist in selecting the correct product for your unique requirements. We provide complimentary over-the-phone support for all Cape Thermal shop customers.

    We ship nationwide using partner courier companies and our team personally deliver orders valued at over R2000 in Cape Town. To protect your investment, Cape Thermal includes complimentary shipping insurance on each thermal camera purchase.

    We strive to continually update our product and information offering to provide a more accurate representation of the products on sale and the capabilities thereof.

    Stock availability:

    Because of the still-emerging nature of the handheld thermal imaging market, most items in our store are specially manufactured to order and are not carried in stock. We regularly meet with the various manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that our stock accurately represents items that are available in South Africa.

    Please contact us to confirm lead times and availability before spending any money online. Our WhatsApp line is available should you require assistance with after-hours queries.

    Why you should deal with us directly:

    This store is an accurate representation of a portion of our product offering. There are various products and solutions offered by Cape Thermal which are not available for sale online. We encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements.

    • Although our products are available for sale online, we’d prefer to deal with you directly. This is because we adhere to manufacturer suggested retail pricing (MSRP) and there are typically discounts available for most products.
    • For your security. All online transactions are capped at R25 000. We’d prefer to meet or deal with you directly when spending large sums of money.

    Company information:

    Contact us should you require the submission of company documentation for procurement purposes.

    Cape Thermal (Pty) Ltd | (CK:2021/575909/07) | BBBEE: Level 4