HIKMICRO Handheld Thermal Cameras - Our new range

HIKMICRO Handheld Thermal Cameras - Our new range

Cape Thermal is an authorised HIKMICRO thermal camera dealer. The Cape Thermal team provide dedicated advice, sales, and support on all HIKMICRO devices. 
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HIKMICRO is a leading provider of handheld thermal imaging solutions. Founded in 2016, HIKMICRO has grown to include 11 international branches with a key focus being South Africa.
HIKMICRO provide various thermal imaging solutions which cater to a wide variety of application requirements. Choose HIKMICRO if you require cutting edge feature-packed thermal imaging technology. See the world in a new way.

Why choose HIKMICRO handheld thermal imaging?

Rest assured knowing that your thermal imaging investment is safe when choosing HIKMICRO. All devices carry a 10-year sensor warranty as standard. In addition, all devices carry a 3 year warranty on the actual hardware.

HIKMICRO Thermal Imaging devices not listed on our website.

Due to market conditions, we cannot display our entire product range on this store. Cape Thermal supply and support the entire HIKMICRO product range. If you're looking for products not listed on our store, contact us.

Cape Thermal offer the following HIKMICRO solutions:

  • Handheld thermal imaging for nature conservation, outdoor enthusiasts, and hunting.
  • Handheld Thermography cameras for industrial predictive maintenance of pumps, gearboxes, distributions boards, pipelines, and much more.
  • AI Software-driven thermal condition monitoring. 24/7 thermal monitoring of mission critical industrial and agricultural infrastructure.
  • Short-to-long range thermal perimeter security solutions. Installed by Cape Thermal approved technical professionals.
  • Indoor and Outdoor thermal fire prevention solutions.
  • Bespoke software solutions for thermal imaging application requirements.
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