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Pulsar and Yukon Advanced Optics are a Lithuanian manufacturer of civilian-grade thermal vision technology. Pulsar thermal handheld devices are ideal for hunting, animal research observation, and general thermal photography. 
Pulsar offers a professional line of optic and electro-optic devices which provide enhanced functionality for experienced users. With Pulsar, you can rely on industry-leading durable products and local manufacturer support.
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Pulsar Thermal Monoculars for Sale

Cape Thermal offer a wide range of Pulsar Helion thermal monoculars and Pulsar Axion monoculars for sale. Browse our shop to find a solution suited to your requirements. Speak to us if you're looking for advice on selecting the best Pulsar handheld thermal monoculars.

Pulsar Thermal Binoculars for sale

Get sales and support on the best thermal binoculars available with Cape Thermal. Pulsar offers an excellent entry-level thermal imaging binocular alternative for users who seek a more comfortable thermal vision experience.

Pulsar Handheld Thermal Imaging devices not listed here

Contact us if you're looking for Pulsar handheld thermal imaging devices not listed here. Cape Thermal supply and support most Pulsar thermal imaging equipment available in South Africa.