Collection: Hikvision handheld Thermal Cameras

For intelligent awareness in any moment and any condition. Hikvision is devoted to the widespread adoption and accessibility of thermal imaging technology.


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Thermographic Handheld Cameras by Hikvision

Widely used for the detection of anomalies such as hot spots or invisible defects on machinery. Hikvision handheld thermography cameras are useful for surveying otherwise hard-to-reach areas from a safe distance.

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Please note: Hikvision handheld thermographic cameras are being replaced with new HIKMICRO devices. The products listed are for reference only.

Hikvision Thermal Binoculars for sale

See the unseen and be more involved with your natural surroundings. Hikvision thermal imaging products offer unmatched functionality and capability.

Hikvision manufacture some of the best thermal binoculars available on the civilian market today. The Bi-spectrum optical and thermal binoculars provide high-definition thermal imagery on a crystal clear OLED screen. For ultra long-distance thermal observation, look no further.

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