Collection: HikMicro Falcon Series: Superior Thermal Imaging Redefined

Exprience the HikMicro Falcon. Combining unparalleled precision with cutting-edge technology, the Falcon series sets a new benchmark in thermal imaging.
HikMicro Falcon Thermal Monocular resting on a rugged tree stump, showcasing its sleek design. A must-have tool for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and security patrols.

Discover the HikMicro Falcon Advantage

Unmatched Resilience: The Falcon's hydrophobic housing wards off sweat and rain, while its SDLC lens coating fights scratches. Boasting an IP67 rating, it's waterproof up to 1m for 30 minutes.

Crystal-Clear Precision: With the Falcon, revel in unparalleled image clarity, capturing every detail to perfection.

Your Versatile Companion: Be it tracking wildlife, ensuring security, or monitoring machinery, the HikMicro Falcon stands by you.

Always Powered: With interchangeable batteries, enjoy extended use and reduce your downtime charging.

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Hik Falcon Thermal Monocular Key Features:

Thermal image captured by the HikMicro Falcon Thermal Monocular, displaying a group of animals grazing in a nighttime setting, with varying degrees of heat signatures highlighting their forms against a cooler background.

High Thermal Sensitivity

The Hik Falcon excels in detecting minute temperature differences, ensuring detailed recognition even in humid conditions or when objects have similar temperatures, from distinguishing animal genders to observing intricate natural patterns.

HikMicro Falcon 12μm precision handheld thermal imaging

High Definition Thermal Sensor

The Falcon HikMicro boasts a 12μm high-end thermal sensor, delivering sharp and contrasted images with a resolution up to 640x512 for unparalleled clarity in thermal imaging.

Close-up of HikMicro Falcon FQ25 Thermal Imaging Device Showcasing its Durable and Rugged Design

Built to Brave the Elements

Face nature head-on with the HikMicro Falcon. Its hydrophobic housing repels sweat, rain, and mist. The lens, enhanced with SDLC coating, resists scratches, while its IP67 rating ensures water resistance up to 1m for 30 minutes. Rely on the Hik Falcon for unmatched resilience.

Replaceable & Rechargeable High Capacity Battery

The HikMicro Falcon comes with a high-capacity battery that ensures up to 6 hours of uninterrupted usage. The interchangeable battery feature means you never have to pause your observation. The device can also be powered by any standard power bank connected via a Type-C interface, ensuring that you're never out of power.

Benefits of a Thermal Imaging monocular

Night Vision

Darkness becomes inconsequential. Whether you're hunting nocturnal prey or conducting a security patrol, a thermal imaging monocular allows you to see through the veil of the night.

Superior Detection

For security professionals and rescue officials, spotting vehicles or locating a person in obscured environments becomes vastly easier.


A thermal imaging monocular provides an added layer of protection. Detect potential threats or safety hazards in low visibility conditions.

HikMicro Falcon Thermal Monocular Captures

Image of an animal captured using a HikMicro Falcon Thermal Imaging Monocular on Black Hot Mode
Image of an animal captured using a HikMicro Falcon Thermal Imaging Monocular on Fusion Mode
Image of an animal captured using a HikMicro Falcon Thermal Imaging Monocular on White Hot Mode

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