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Collection: HikMicro Thunder Zoom 2.0 Series

The Thunder Zoom Series sets a new standard for thermal scopes, combining cutting-edge optical zoom with crisp thermal imaging. It's not just about seeing the world differently—it's about seeing it with more precision and depth than ever before.

From the versatile TH50Z model to the powerful TQ60Z flagship, find the perfect thermal scope with optical zoom to suit your mission requirements.

Learn How Thermal Imaging is being used to help in the efforts of Anti poaching.

How to calculate Detection Recognition and Identification on targets.

Thunder Zoom Data Sheets

- Thunder Zoom Series TH50Z
- Thunder Zoom Series TQ60Z

HikMicro Thunder Zoom 2.0 with HikMicro Sight App

Thunder Zoom 2.0 Series - Next-Gen Thermal Precision

Experience visionary thermal targeting with the HikMicro Thunder Zoom Series. Designed for marksmen and tactical professionals, these scopes offer unmatched thermal imaging, innovative zoom capabilities, and robust construction for field operations.

Thunder Zoom Series Key Features and Specifications:

The HikMicro Thunder Zoom 2.0 Has innovative Optical Zoom

Innovative Optical Zoom

The Thunder Zoom Series introduces a groundbreaking optical zoom feature in a thermal lens, offering dynamic magnification without loss of clarity. Seamlessly adjust your view and focus on details that matter.

The HikMicro Thunder Zoom 2.0 has unmatched Clarity and Range

Unmatched Clarity and Range

With a high-resolution 640x512 thermal sensor and NETD <20 mK, the series provides clear images over long distances. Detect subtle temperature variations and identify targets with precision.

The HikMicro Thunder Zoom 2.0 Has a Magnesium Alloy housing for unmatched durability

Rugged and Reliable

Built to endure the toughest conditions, the Thunder Zoom Series is encased in a durable, weather-resistant body, ensuring reliability in any climate.

Prolonged Endurance

With up to 6.5 hours of continuous operation, these scopes are built for enduring surveillance and long hunting expeditions, ensuring you have the power you need for the entire duration of your mission.

Thunder Zoom Series Additional Features

Intuitive Interface, Advanced Functionality

Enjoy an intuitive experience with easy-to-navigate menus and controls, allowing for quick adjustments and optimal performance.

Dual FOV - A Dual Perspective

Switch between wide-angle surveillance and detailed focus with the dual field of view (FOV) lenses. Capture expansive landscapes or zoom in on specific targets without changing optics, offering operational flexibility like never before.

Built for the Elements

Designed with the rigors of the outdoors in mind, these scopes boast an IP67 rating, ensuring they withstand whatever the weather throws your way.

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