Collection: Thermal Monocular's - Best Handheld Thermal Imaging Monoculars

Thermal Monocular's are a new dimension of vision for the outdoorsman. With a premium selection of handheld thermal monoculars on our site, your outdoor adventures are covered. Great for surveillance, and general night vision applications. Our thermal monoculars provide unparalleled clarity and detail, even in complete darkness, fog, or challenging weather conditions. 

Cape Thermal supply a wide range of handheld thermal monoculars for various distance requirements. Speak to us about your handheld imaging monocular requirements today.

Explore Top Brands:

  • Hikmicro: Experience the innovative technology and exceptional performance of the Hikmicro Lynx series and Hikmicro Condor Series thermal monoculars.
  • Pulsar: Discover the power and precision of Pulsar's renowned thermal imaging technology with the Pulsar Axion, and the new Pulsar Telos series monoculars.
  • InfiRay: Dive into the world of high-performance thermal imaging with InfiRay's AFFO series cutting-edge thermal monoculars.

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