Collection: HikMicro Stellar 2.0 Series

HikMicro Stellar 2.0 Series is crafted with uncompromising dedication to durability and performance, the HikMicro Stellar 2.0 Series represents the pinnacle of thermal imaging technology for rifle enthusiasts. Encased within a robust Aluminum Alloy Housing, these scopes are engineered to thrive in the most demanding environments and withstand the rigors of intensive field use.

Embracing a timeless Tube Design, the HikMicro Stellar 2.0 Series seamlessly integrates with 30 mm standard mount rings, offering a traditional aesthetic that resonates with seasoned hunters and professionals alike. This fusion of modern innovation and classical elegance ensures a seamless transition for those who value heritage without sacrificing cutting-edge functionality.

Experience unparalleled clarity, reliability, and precision with the HikMicro Stellar 2.0 Series – where tradition meets technology to redefine excellence in thermal imaging for rifle applications.

Stellar 2.0 Data Sheets:

- HikMicro Stellar SH35 Data Sheet
- HikMicro Stellar SQ35 Data Sheet
- HikMicro Stellar SH50 Data Sheet
- HikMicro Stellar SQ50 Data Sheet