InfiRay T2 Search Thermal Camera Module for Android Detailed Features and Specifications

Detailed information about the InfiRay T2 Smartphone Thermal Camera.

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Care Tips for your InfiRay Smartphone Infrared Camera:

  • Do not aim the thermal imaging camera at direct sunlight or other high-intensity radiation sources outside of the manufacturer specified temperature operation range
  • Do not touch or damage the thermal camera detector window and lens
  • Do not allow thermal imaging camera to come in to contact with water
  • Do not attempt to use solvents or chemicals to clean the thermal camera
  • Please ensure that any USB or third party connections are done in accordance with the manufacturer power specifications
  • Prevent static electricity
  • Do not disassemble thermal camera as this will void the warranty

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InfiRay T2 Search Smartphone Thermal Camera for Android (Front View)

InfiRay T2 Search Smartphone Infrared Camera - Key Features and specifications:

  • 9.0mm thermal lens
  • 256x192 thermal resolution
  • 25Hz Frame Rate
  • 850m Human Size Detection* (*Calculated using object height @ 1.7m in a vacuum)
  • Ultra-low power consumption: <0.35W
  • Lightweight: 18g
  • Observation modes: White-hot; black-hot; red-hot
  • Reticule with low and high temperature tracking
  • InfiRay digital detail enhancement built-in
  • SDK available for third-party app development.

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InfiRay T2 Search Smartphone Thermal Camera for Android (Front Side View)

InfiRay T2 Smartphone Thermal Camera Detailed specifications:

*DRI is calculated using the Johnson Criteria. Calculations applied in a vacuum and do not take any environmental or other factors in to account.

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Thermal Resolution (Pixels) 256x192
Pixel Size (μm)  12
Spectral Band (μm) 8~14
NETD (mK) ≤50
MRTD (mK) ≤500
Frame Rate (Hz) 25
Focusing Mode Manual
Image Correction Manual
Image Enhancement DDE
Objective Lens Focal Length (mm) 9
F.O.V (field of view°) 19.6 x 14.7
Display (Pixels) N/A
Optical Magnification (X) N/A
Digital Zoom (X) Yes
Maximum Battery Life (Hrs) N/A
Built-in Memory (Gb) N/A
Operating Temperature (°C) -10 ~ +50
Temperature Measurement Range (°C) 0 ~ +80
Temperature Measurement Accuracy (°C) ±3
Dimensions (mm) 26 x 26 x 26.6
Weight (g) <20
Connection Interface USB type-C
Power Consumption (mW) <350
Android App Google Play Download
iOS App N/A
Detection Distance - Human size @ 1.7m (m)* 850
Recognition Distance - Human size @ 1.7m (m)* 212
Identification - Human size @ 1.7m (m)* 106