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Teledyne FLIR

FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Monocular - (335m) (9.1mm) (320x256)

FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Monocular - (335m) (9.1mm) (320x256)

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Spot the heat of objects in total darkness. The Teledyne FLIR Breach PTQ136 thermal monocular utilizes the new FLIR Boson core with a compact and lightweight design. The built-in high-definition FLCOS display provides excellent thermal image clarity with better detection and identification capabilities. On-board recording is included as standard.

FLIR Breach PTQ136 Thermal Monocular key features:

  • 335m detection range (average human-size target)*
  • 320x256 VOx Microbolometer thermal sensor
  • 9.1mm lens system
  • Built-in 16mm eye-relief
  • 50Hz video refresh rate
  • FLIR Proprietary Digital Detail Enhancement™
  • Stores up to 1000 thermal images or 2.5 hours of thermal video
  • 1280x960 Quad-VGA FLCOS Display
  • Selectable colour palette profiles
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Weighs 210g


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