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HikMicro E1L Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera - (3.1mm) (160x120)

HikMicro E1L Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera - (3.1mm) (160x120)

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Elevate your inspection capabilities with the HikMicro E1L Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera. This device stands out in the HikMicro thermography line, offering unparalleled ease-of-use and precision for professionals requiring reliable thermal detection on the go.

With its 160x120 thermal resolution, the HikMicro E1L captures detailed images, making it a vital tool for a vast array of applications. The camera’s enhanced thermal sensitivity ensures that even minor temperature differences are visible, positioning the E1L as a cornerstone for industries reliant on accurate thermographic analysis.

HikMicro E1L Handheld thermal Imaging Camera Key Features:

  • Superior Thermal Imaging: The 160x120 resolution delivers high-quality images, marking it as a staple handheld thermal imaging camera for professionals.
  • Exceptional Sensitivity: It detects subtle thermal variations with a sensitivity of <50mK, underscoring the device's precision.
  • Dynamic Imaging: A high frame rate allows for smooth imaging, capturing dynamic processes with ease – a testament to its capabilities as a handheld thermal imaging camera.
  • Convenient Display: View thermal readings instantly on a 2.4" LCD screen, designed to provide clarity and immediate feedback in the field.
  • HikMicro Analyzer Software: Enhance your HikMicro thermography data analysis with the free, user-friendly software, perfect for in-depth examination of your thermal images.
  • Long-Lasting Operation: With an impressive battery life, the E1L ensures continuous operation, critical for extensive fieldwork.
  • Durable Build: This robust camera is IP54 rated, signifying its readiness for challenging environments typical in thermography applications.


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