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HikMicro Gryphon GH25L Bi-Spectrum Thermal Monocular

HikMicro Gryphon GH25L Bi-Spectrum Thermal Monocular

  • Thermal Resolution: 384x288px
  • Thermal Lens: 25mm
  • Detection Distance: 1200m

This handheld thermal monocular has been replaced by the HikMicro Condor CH25L. Click here to view.

The HikMicro Gryphon GH25L is a highly versatile medium-to-long-range thermal imagingĀ monocular with a built-in optical camera and a 905nm laser range finder. The Gryphon thermal monocular can also be expanded upon for IR illuminated night vision capabilities on the optical channel. The Gryphon makes use of the latest HikMicro thermal imaging sensors with a 12 micrometer (12Āµm) pixel pitch and highly detailed 384x288 resolution. The HikMicro Gryphon also connects to your smart device for streaming or recording.

Bi-Spectrum Thermal vision monocular key features:

  • 1200m detection range (average human-size target)*
  • 25mm thermal lens with 10.53Ā° x 7.9Ā° field-of-view (H x V)
  • 22mm optical lens with 1920x1080 resolution
  • 348x288 thermal resolution
  • 12Āµm pixel-pitch
  • 50Hz frame rate
  • Highest Temperature Target Tracking
  • Distance Measurement (Software and 905nm laser rangefinder)
  • Connects with smart devices using a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 1024x768 OLED Display
  • 16Gb Built-in Memory
  • Removable 18650 Li-ion battery (Up to 5 hours)
  • IP67
  • 19.5 mm Eye-Relief
  • UNC 1/4-20 tripod mount


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