HikMicro Handheld Thermal Camera with 3.2" LCD screen - HM-TP51-3AXF-B1L

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The HikMicro B1L is an intelligent handheld thermography camera. A large class-leading 3.2" colour LCD display makes it easier than before to view your handheld thermographic images. HikMicro is a dedicated Hikvision handheld thermography brand. 

Handheld thermal camera key features:

  • 160x120 thermal resolution
  • 3.2" LCD Display
  • 25Hz fast video frame rate
  • Built-in WiFi for the HikMicro Viewer App
  • Analyze your thermographic images using the free HikMicro Analyzer software
  • Built-in LED work light
  • Improved battery life for up to 8-hours of continuous operation
  • -20°C to +550°C temperature range
  • IP54
  • UNC 1/4-20 Tripod Mounting