HikMicro Mini USB-C Thermal Camera for Android with Fever Screening (3.2mm) (160x120)

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The HikMicro Mini is an ultra-portable USB-C thermal imaging camera for Android devices. A must-have smartphone module for every toolbox. Easily identify and locate leaking water pipes, underfloor heating, and areas with missing insulation. The HikMicro Mini can also be used for human skin temperature measurement or for general close-range thermal night vision. See a different world through your smartphone.

Please note that this is an Android-only device. See device compatibility below. Contact us if your Android device meets the minimum requirements but isn't listed.

Thermal Camera for Android Key Features:

  • Can be used for skin-surface temperature measurement (fever screening)
  • 160x120 thermal resolution
  • 20cm minimum focus distance
  • 25Hz Image frequency
  • Object Temperature Range: 5°C to 100°C
  • USB Type-C Interface (Compatible Android devices only)
  • IP40
  • Includes storage bag