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HikMicro Adapter Clamp for Thunder 2.0 Thermal Clip-On Scopes

HikMicro Adapter Clamp for Thunder 2.0 Thermal Clip-On Scopes

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Enhance your hunting, shooting, or observation experience with the HikMicro Adapter Clamp, the essential accessory for seamlessly integrating your HikMicro Thunder 2.0 Thermal Clip-On Scope with your daytime rifle scope. This precision-engineered adapter ensures a secure and stable connection, allowing you to effortlessly switch between thermal and optical views while maintaining your preferred shooting setup.

How to Install the HikMicro Adapter Clamp for Thunder 2.0

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Precision Fit:¬†Expertly designed to securely attach your HikMicro Thunder 2.0 Clip-On to your day scope's objective bell.
  • Versatile Compatibility:¬†Available in a range of sizes to accommodate various day scope diameters,¬†ensuring a perfect fit for your specific setup.
  • Secure Connection:¬†The M52 x 0.75mm thread guarantees a rock-solid attachment,¬†maintaining zero and preventing any shift during use.
  • Lightweight & Compact:¬†Adds minimal bulk and weight to your firearm,¬†maintaining balance and maneuverability.
  • Easy Installation:¬†Simple to install and remove with the included hex key and ring,¬†allowing for quick transitions between thermal and optical modes.
  • Built to Last:¬†Constructed from durable materials to withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

Choose the Right Size (Important):

Please note: This product is non-refundable due to its precise sizing requirements. To ensure a perfect fit, it's crucial to select the adapter clamp size that matches the outer diameter of your day scope's objective bell. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance with choosing the correct sized clamp.

Upgrade Your Optics:

Experience the enhanced target acquisition, improved accuracy, and extended hunting hours that thermal imaging brings to your shooting adventures. Order your HikMicro Adapter Clamp today and unlock the full potential of your HikMicro Thunder 2.0 Thermal Clip-On!

Compatible with Your HikMicro Thunder 2.0

Upgrade your HikMicro Thunder 2.0 thermal imaging clip-on with the perfect adapter clamp for your day scope. We offer a range of sizes to fit various objective bell diameters:

Remember: Choose the adapter clamp size that matches your day scope's objective bell diameter for a secure and seamless fit. Not sure which size you need? Consult our size chart or contact us for assistance.

Need a Different Adapter?

Can't find the right size HikMicro Adapter Clamp for your day scope? We also offer the versatile Rusan ARM52 Clip-On Adapter Clamp, compatible with a wide range of thermal devices, including the Hikmicro Thunder 2.0 series. It features a quick-release mechanism and is available in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit.

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