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HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 Handheld Thermal Monocular - (450m) (10mm) (256x192)

HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 Handheld Thermal Monocular - (450m) (10mm) (256x192)

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The HikMicro LYNX Pro LE10 is a medium range Hikvision thermal imaging monocular with a 256x192 thermal imaging resolution. Connects to your smart device for streaming or recording.

Thermal vision monocular key features:

  • 450m detection range (average human-size target)*
  • 256x192 thermal resolution
  • Connects with smart devices using a built-in WiFi hotspot
  • 720x540 LCOS Display
  • 8Gb Built-in Memory
  • IP67


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Customer Reviews

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A really useful piece of kit.

In my opinion this is definitely worth the extra money over the Lynx LC06, and easily better than the Scout TX.

* It's immune to dazzling from bright lights.
* To be able to stream over wifi is really useful. The wifi range is not spectacular (a few metres), but it does allow you to place the scope in a remote place and stream to your mobile device.
* The detection range is really high (well over the stated 500m), particularly using the hotspot tracking (green crosshair).
* The image latency is fine for stationary observation. In a moving vehicle it becomes a limitation.

* Although it can be used during the day, sometimes inanimate objects (rocks, ground, even trees) can impede the ability of detecting animals.
* The scope only shows relative temperature differences. This means that cool things in a cold environment show up as hotspots. This generates a lot of false-positives.
* The identification range is pretty limited due to the lack of resolution in the sensor.
* Streaming over wifi may cause your mobile device to lose internet connectivity - it tries to connect through the scope (as opposed to using mobile data). This can be circumvented but it will depend on your mobile device.